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Mid-Market Industrials . . . Transform Marketing into a High-Performance Growth Engine!


We review powerful Market-based Framework 


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Market-based Framework - the Secret to Accelerating Profitable Sustainable Growth in B2B Companies

Leverage simple powerful market-based framework to transform your business into a market-focused organization. This simple framework as well as tools and action steps for identifying and adding "value drivers" provides companies a set of repeatable behaviors and processes to fully capitalize on your market potential.

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Marketing Value Stream Framework 

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Link B2B Strategic Marketing to Value Creation 

Amazingly - the role of B2B Marketing and its impact on driving value is still one of the least understood in small and mid-market sized companies - worldwide.  This forum introduces the key processes, tools and activities in which Marketing professionals engage in upstream strategic and downstream tactical execution activities to drive EBITDA & ROIC improvement within B2B companies - those which will drive companies to Top Tier Performance.   

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Linking B/I & Segmentation to Value Creation

Everything starts with the market!  A critical component of strategy development is detailed business intelligence analysis and market segmentation.  This defines the mix of markets served, sizes the market, quantifies market share and gaps and enables identification of attractive markets to pursue - all of which are incorporated into the strategy to drive EBITDA & ROIC results.  

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Growth Strategy Dvpt Link to Value Creation

Strategy development is the most important component for business success and often given the least amount of dedicated critical thinking time. Successful strategies clearly define where the business will invest its capital and resources to drive sustaining profitable growth and return on investment.  Link and align strategy throughout your organization to drive EBITDA & ROIC results!

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Linking Pricing Strategy to Value Creation

Pricing is one of the most powerful levers in your toolbox - every dollar of price action drops directly through to your bottom line.  Comprehensive pricing analysis, segmentation, strategy and execution enables companies to understand where opportunities exist and take action to protect against unusual non-recurring circumstances, annual inflation and unfavorable margin impact from under-performing  product lines related to market dynamics.  We review how to leverage pricing strategy to drive EBITDA & ROIC results!

Linking PLC Management to Value Creation

Product Life Cycle Management (PLC) is critical to businesses for a number of operational and commercial reasons.  Solid PLC processes ensure firms maximize utilization of their working capital and cash in terms of new product development and inventory.  On the commercial-side, it is a necessity to understand in which phase products are, to plan introductions and rationalization of the product portfolio to maximize revenue growth, profit margins and working capital.  PLC is a key lever in driving EBITDA & ROIC results!

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Linking Commercial Exec to Value Creation

Small and mid-market sized B2B firms have been traditionally challenged to realize the benefits that professional commercialization of products and services deliver.  The entire success of strategy is determined by effective execution - achieved by full organizational alignment and linkage.  With the advent of social media - all sized companies can now create company, product and service brand identity that positions them head-to-head with large firms - at a fraction of the cost.  We link Marketing & Sale Effectiveness to drive EBITDA and ROIC results!

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Deep Dive

Beyond the core Onboarding Forums Focused on Market-based Framework - there are Specific Forums that cover Topics which Span all Aspects  of the Framework.  These include Digital Technology, Toolbox, KPIs, Organizational Development 
and Customized Forums.

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Linking Digital Tech to Value Creation

Digital technologies span the entire MVS Framework.  New technologies are driving change and creating new opportunities for differentiation and growth at a rapid pace.  Companies which are able to apply digital technologies that add value in terms of operational improvements and customer value add will gain competitive advantage - driving EBITDA and ROIC results!

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Toolbox Linkage to Value Creation

Processes and Tools span the entire MVS Framework.  Along every step of the Product Management value stream process - are processes and tools which assist Product Management professionals in being effective and successful.  In this forum, we discuss an array of high impact processes and tools that you cannot find in a single publication.  Take this toolbox back to your business and start adding value immediately - driving EBITDA & ROIC results!

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Linking KPIs to Value Creation

Performance measurement spans the entire MVS Framework.  Along every step of the value stream process - are KPIs which assist Product Management professionals in being effective and successful. KPIs and metrics conveyed via visualization enable Product Managers to quantify issues and opportunities and take action.  In this forum, we discuss an array of high impact metrics that drive EBITDA & ROIC results

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Working together with your company representatives - we design customized onboarding programs that transform the core competency of your Marketing team - focused on review of critical processes and tools used around the world to increase team member effectiveness.  Contact us for details

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